I have a build which produces some extra files (not to be checked in).
Every time a do a build, svn shows these files as non versioned, new files and I have to ignore them.

Enter -
svn propset svn:ignore
. Here is how it worked for me :
prompt> svn status
? test.log
? test.log.1
..... (other src code)

Look at those test.log entries - my test case generated them and I'm least bothered to delete them. However, it corrupts my svn status output :-)

So will create an ignore file :
prompt> cat ifile

and ask svn to ignore these file patterns :

prompt> svn propset -R svn:ignore --file ifile .
prompt> svn status
M .
M src
M src/test
... (other src code)

There - the test.log entries no longer show up in svn status

prompt> svn commit

Detailed reading on svn property set :

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