Road Trip To Brindavan Garden

Hola! Sunday afternoon and nothing else to do (except a code commit and few distribution builds) we decided to take a trip the famous Brindavan Gardens built next to the KRS Dam @ Mandya.

Check the petrol, check the tyres and off we were. We started from Old Madras Road (Bangalore) @ 2:30 PM and swearing on the Bangalore roads and traffic subdued when we reached the Mysore highway at about 3:45 PM. Phew!

After that it was a wonderful road (minus those @#!$*@ speed breakers that stopped me from touch 110 kmph) all the way till Mysore. We finally reached the Brindavan Gardens at 6:30 PM - just in time for the entries to start.

We quickly bought ticket (INR 15 per person, INR 50 per camera) and rushed into a huge line for the entry. The lights were already on and the excitement to see the musical fountains was at its peak.

Its a long walk to the musical fountain and by the time we reached there, one round of the show had ended.I clicked the beautifully landscaped garden in the mean time - its awesome to see!!

When the music started again, we rushed to the place. I must say I was a little disappointed by the show, maybe because of my high expectations from all the hype, but I'm sure better music and better fountain synchronization can be achieved. That apart, it was a good show - specially when the water reaches the peaks - its great then!

After the show we returned to the other side of the garden (towards Hotel Orchid), that's on the other side of the walking bridge. I like this part the most - it was calm, had lots of places to sit, no people rush this side, lots of nicely laid fountains and water paths. I loved this place!

We walked all the way upto the Orchid Hotel - the view from the top is amazing!! Finally, I ran out of batteries, most of the garden was clicked and it was almost 8:30 PM - so we decided to head back home,

We reached home @ 12:00. Very tired I finished the code commits and disted the builds - may the Force be with the QA team ;-).

This was one hell of a trip - I loved it!!  Some photos and videos from the trip :




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Bhavin Shah said...

sounds good...i hav heard lot abt Mysore, wanna visit someday for sure